Here’s what a few of our customers have had to say about us. Have a review of your own to share?

Ben Patteson recommends Prima German Shepherd Pups.
Prima German Shepherd Pups are friendly and they explain the process to you. I have an adorable boy German Shepherd puppy  and we love him
so much. We are glad we purchased our new puppy. Best place to get an German Shepherd puppy is Prima German Shepherd Pups.

Amy Kernot recommends  Prima German Shepherd Pups

Amazing experience with this breeder! Very knowledgeable and friendly and always available to answer questions. Our puppy
came to us very safely via commercial airline and the cargo staff complimented Prima German Shepherd Pups on the way our pup was
created and the completeness of the paperwork actually affixed to the crate. We loved that there was no crazy wait list
and the process is very fair. Our puppy is very healthy and we could not be happier with our choice to go with Prima German Shepherd Pups.

Taylah Carrodus recommends  Prima German Shepherd Pups.

Amazing breed of German Shepherd dogs!! Quality bloodlines and amazing color variety. Their customer service is supreme. From the initial communications to the follow up after you get home.  They care about their Pups and it shows in the disposition of their animals.  Highly recommended!

Ebony Buzacott recommends Prima German Shepherd Pups .

We got our second pup from Royal maybe 3 weeks ago.  We are a returning family. I really can’t say enough about both our dogs from Prima German Shepherd Pups. Jason is super pleasant to deal with and he is breeding really smart really sweet dogs. Both our our first German Shepherd pup, Miles and our new puppy, Kenso (Lux) have seemingly both come potty trained (we are pretty  disciplined but it’s pretty amazing really) both love their crates and the puppy really seems to enjoy being on a  schedule. Whatever they are doing down there in Missouri is pretty awesome.The dogs love kids (and adults) and the older one is well trained and well behaved. Both dogs bring such joy to my family and I can’t thank Mike and Miriam enough for being such straight honest people.   It’s no wonder so many folks are looking for dogs from this terrific breeder.
Below for your reference and enjoyment are a few pics of the healthy and happy brothers.

Abbey Green recommends Prima German Shepherd Pups.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with our experience with  Prima German Shepherd Pups! We had a lot of questions that were happily answered and the process was a pleasant experience ???? When we brought our little girl home you could tell she was very well socialized by their kiddos and other pups – which is priceless. Not to mention, she is yet to have an accident in the house, did not whine in her crate in the night except to potty, and her temperament is the perfect combination of playful and snuggly. I highly recommend Prima German Shepherd Pups as they are truly AMAZING! ❤

Callum Blake  recommends  Prima German Shepherd Pups .
We got Whiskey, our German Shepherd from Prima German Shepherd Pups in December. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the process.They were very helpful and patient in answering my many questions. We were able to meet Whiskey’s parents and see the grounds. Mojo has been such a fabulous addition to our family. We absolutely LOVE and ADORE him!!

Hayden Gladys  recommends  Prima German Shepherd Pups .
What an incredible breeder! These people are so terrific about following up on his pups and interested in their development and progress. I feel as if I can always call on him if needed. I have an incredible puppy in terrific health and temperament Highly recommended!

Madeline Findley recommends Prima German Shepherd Pups.

We loved our experience with  Prima German Shepherd Pups !!! Our puppy is wonderful – gorgeous, happy, and smart. We are very delighted and would do it all over again with Prima German Shepherd Pups.

Caitlin Munro recommends  Prima German Shepherd Pups .

Completely impressed with their service and love for the dogs. It’s obvious they worked with the puppies to begin to train them. My son’s little guy is just perfect!

Beau Hardwicke recommends  Prima German Shepherd Pups .

We just took home our mini pup and we are so happy! I was highly impressed with the entire experience with these guys! They love their dogs and seem to take such good care of them. Definitely would recommend these guys if you’re looking for a responsible breeder. I’d get a dozen more if I could! 

George Ley recommends  Prima German Shepherd Pups .

Awesome breeder and very professional. They breed smart beautiful dogs that also have a lot of personality! Our German Shepherd puppy is 9 months old and she has been such an adventure!

Brayden Colleano recommends Prima German Shepherd Pups .
We recently bought the most adorable puppy from Prima German Shepherd Pups . We could not be more pleased!  These breeders truly care about the health and future of the puppies that they breed and sell and answered all of our many questions quickly and completely. Our new little girl is calm, confident and very content, all signs of coming from an excellent breeder! If you are looking for a breeder for a Standard German Shepherd breed, but sure check this one out!!

Kayla O’Loghlin recommends  Prima German Shepherd Pups .

Prima German Shepherd Pups is a quality and reliable breeder of the standard German Shepherd breed. We did our research and their Bullies are the best! Hypoallergenic and very healthy. Thanks for all your hard work guys!